Monday, 19 March 2018

Creative Surfaces - Linda Monk - March 2018

Today we welcomed Linda Monk
 Linda's mixed media work is varied and involves a lot of techniques
These wonderful shoes...
...and more three dimensional work in Linda's favourite colours

Close-up showing the shoulder bag
Linda frequently uses her three favourite colours - the order in which she puts them down onto the fabric, affects the result. They are stunning
Close-up of  'Bone Church' - Tiles of death
Linda uses emulsion paint and then Gesso. Sprayed with Quink and then walnut ink
Linda's wearable art consists of Evalon for the background and foils with bondaweb
Design stencilled onto Kunin felt with gesso ...
...and then coloured over with metallic paints
The effects are like faux leather, lovely and pliable

Linda shared her many techniques and tips - it was exhausting trying to watch, listen and make notes. If you were there at the lecture you will know exactly what I mean.

A lovely little demonstration from Linda, was of Grandma's Boasting book. It's many pockets to contain photographs of the grandchildren and a brilliant way of using up all of our wonderful printed/embellished/stitched papers

Take a dirty iron - being careful, while the iron is hot, rub over the surface with a paracetamol tablet. All of the glue and residue from our projects will be removed leaving a lovely clean iron

Thank you Linda for a brilliant lecture