Monday, 26 February 2018

Saturday the 24th saw us painting on Velvet with Meg from Parker and Arrol. After a quick talk through the process we used Meg's source files plus inspiration of our own to work out a design. We then drew this out on paper and went over it in black pen so it would stand out.

The template all drawn up. 
Then we had a go at making samples so we knew how it all worked.  next was painting the Gutta onto the back of the velvet. The Gutta makes the white lines and "holds" the paint in an area. It looked so easy when demonstrated but not making any blobs took concentration! 
We had a choice of making 2 square pieces (suitable to make cushions) or one long piece. Mandy bravely opted for making a hanging. Here she is marking it all out with the Gutta

Meg mixed up the dyes for us 
Then we made a start on the painting. 

 by the end of the day everyone had made at least one piece and some had more. Mandy got to the end of her wall hanging (well done!)

A fabulous and fun day enjoyed by all.
The finished pieces are being processed by Parker and Arrol and will be returned to me. I will add more pictures at that point so watch this space for the big reveal

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