Saturday, 8 December 2018

Christmas get together 2018

Today was our Christmas get together. We all contributed food for the buffet and either made a needle woven wire piece or did our own thing. Lovely fun and social day with lovely people.
obviously the wine is having some effect!

someone did their patch work

needle weaving piece in progress

traditional embroidery in progress

Gill bought her City and Guilds folder. beautiful

A beautiful piece of Boro in progress

crocheted blanket in progress

Una is doing her own thing

Lillian's beautiful christmas trees

And Lillian also made this delightful doll's house sofa

a felt  bird

Janet made this???? Are we surprised

Proud owner of a new brooch made today.

"Dont look up girls she's over there!"

" OOPs she seen us!"

Margaret's piece and thanks for the help

Sunday, 2 December 2018

Bee Workshop

As part of a Creative Black Country project 19 members of our Branch went to the Wildside Activity Centre on Friday Nov 30th  to take part in a microscope drawing workshop.  After a brief talk about bee anatomy, life cycles etc and the use of the microscope, they were given slides of parts of bees ( and some whole bees), watercolour pencils and paper. Each person then drew their interpretation of what they saw. The aim is for each person to make 1 or 2 embroideries based on their drawings. The drawings and the embroideries will be part of an exhibition taking place in April.

 Sue Brisco explaining about the life cycle of the bee

 Getting to choose a bee slide

Picking a colour sample
 Having a good look to see what a bee looks like, very close up and personal!

 The quietest they have ever been at a workshop!

 First drawing nearly done
 Sometimes you need to take a pause and a have a think

 The afternoon group having their introductory talk
 Cracking on with the work

A special prize to Clare for finding the "hooky bits" and for being brilliant at bee photos down the microscope!   It was a great day and everyone worked very hard but we still found time for a few bee related jokes.

All the drawings from the day can be found on our new "bee drawings" page.  Participants will be using these to make their embroideries. Can't wait to see the results!