Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Stitch doodling - taking a stitch for a walk

 Saturday saw the talented Kathleen Murphy, from Murgatroyd and Bean, showing us how to take a stitch for a walk. She bought a few examples of her work to show us.

Kathleen started the day with a short presentation, telling us about the textile artists who currently inspire her work

and showing us examples of the work they produce (more links on her website)
Then she showed us about the vintage linen cloths she uses to produce her work on and some examples of vintage embroidery, and the types of stitches used on them to great effect
Having explained to us about stitch families (groups of stitches that are similar to each other) Kathleen told us a story and we stitched the story into the linen on our hoops. 

After lunch we moved on to stitch sums - combining one or more stitches to make new combinations. we also looked at ways of setting out our work and stitching over appliqued fabric.

The day just flew past and all too soon it was time to pack up. We had a great day and some fabulous work was produced.

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