Sunday, 26 February 2017

Creative Thread and Texture with Angie Attwood

14 of us spent an enjoyable and informative day with Angie Attwood.

She showed us samples of her work.


She helped us to conquer any fears we had about machine embroidery.

Some of us got down to it immediately, while others needed to chat first!!

First of all we adjusted our bobbin tension to do moss stitch and whip stitch and then we put a thick thread in the bobbin to give some lovely textural effects.

Angie showed us a collar that she had created using a combination of a thick bobbin thread and French knots.
We were then given scrim and an open weave jute cloth.
Angie showed us her approach.
Some of us got really excited about this!!

After lunch we used various dissolvable fabrics and created lovely free machined motifs and then finally trapped snippets of threads and fibres to achieve more complicated pieces

A most enjoyable day. Thank you Angie.

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