Sunday, 30 October 2016

Alison Parkes "Layer, Stitch Explore"

Saturday's workshop was run by our own Alison Parkes. She started the day by showing some gorgeous examples of her work and explaining the different options available to people.  
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Full of enthusiasm we all dived right in! Some were taking the chance to perfect a stitch that had always eluded them (many had a go at French knots!), some were trying out as many different versions of a stitch as possible or a different colourway and others were using Alison's samples as a jumping off point to make an exciting new piece. 
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Surprisingly there were moments of complete silence (unheard of in our Guild) whilst everyone concentrated on their work. It didn't last long! 
There was some interesting naming of stitches such as "worm stitch" and "standing worm" (I am sure they are not in any text book). As well as lot of stitching, as usual there was a lot of chat, swapping of ideas as well as threads etc and it was a relaxed and happy session. 

The diverse range of work at the end demonstrates how everyone had a different spin on a very informative and helpful session. 
Thanks very much to Alison for a great workshop. 

Thank you Elise for your record of the day

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rutht said...

Sounds lovely. Thanks Alison.