Monday, 5 September 2016

Marlene Little "Serendipity" September 2016

Today we welcomed Marlene Little 
Thank you Marlene, for keeping your booking with us so soon after surgery on your foot. We are so pleased that you did
 Marlene shared her Or Nue work and samplers from her City and Guilds course. Her tutor was Margaret Nicholson at the London school of Fashion in the 1970's

 Stunning Or Nue work
 Marlene is a collector and shared with us a sample of plastic grass squares and her amazing tin drinks cans which were pieces of art. When we make our choices regarding design, materials, which thread to use, it comes down to "permutation, arranging all the members of a set into some sequence or order"
So delicate and so inspiring
This is my personal favourite...

Marlene has always been interested in textiles and photography. Her present project is on the subject of Dementia
Marlene is very passionate about the subject and has spent hundreds of hours on this project
She uses personal family photographs and digitally transposes them onto linen before removing threads one by one trying not to break them

They are put into the washing machine to achieve 3d clumps, the effect Marlene wants
The process is very time consuming and repetitive

Marlene likened the technique to drawn thread work
Marlene is still experimenting with foils, dyes and bleaching out as she is aware that some of the faces need to be less clear when thinking of the subject matter
At the end of the talk members wrote down any suggestions, words, regarding dementia to assist Marlene in her work. If you can share any thoughts or possibilities please email Marlene

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