Saturday, 2 July 2016

Stevie Walker "Obsessively Addicted to Stitch"

This evening we welcomed back an old friend Stevie Walker who talked to us about her work and her inspirations, both old and new
Stevie's display
Stevie's entry for the Charles Henry Foyle Trust award for stitched textiles
The idea was a complex one based on Metamorphosis - 'Metamorphic rocks'
Close up of the lady
Snippets of Stevie's work
Stevie has a selection of detailed machine embroidered landscapes
Her technique is to use net with soluble fabric which helps and saves time as you don't have to worry too much about interlocking all of the stitches
Inspired by her local landscape
Stevie uses acrylic ink watered down to paint the background
Samplers by Stevie - she loves hand embroidery, particularly exploring one stitch to stretch it's capabilities
Stevie enjoys printmaking (not screen printing for some reason) and has made a return to lino printing. Stevie uses just one colour and adds any further colour by hand or by stitch
 Some of the lino prints are on fabric and include hand embroidery
 I am sure the ladies on the workshop tomorrow will have a lovely time
Thank you Stevie - always a pleasure

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