Sunday, 24 July 2016

Ann Paterson "Obsessions"

Today we welcomed back a former member of our branch of the Embroiderers' Guild, an old friend, Ann Paterson
...or as so many know her...Scrappy Annie. Ann wastes nothing and is a member of the Midland Textile Forum Group, and also Adhesion
Ann is well traveled. This waistcoat is based on her travels to Aquitaine, France.
Jane Austen is one of Ann's obsessions - women in history
Ann's interest in Ada Lovelace - the scientist who designed computer language "The Enchantress of Numbers." On stitched paper, the dots read 'Ada Lovelace.'
Here is a large piece regarding Marie Stopes and birth control. The large circles are suffolk puffs to represent dutch caps. The colours are symbolic for example, the tales of the girls in Ireland who had babies and disappeared from the village and didn't come back - purple represented girls of wealth in Ireland
Emma Sproson was the first female Councillor in Wolverhampton and lived in Daisy Bank. She was a key player in the suffragette movement and was known as Red Emma after the red scarf she waved.
Close-up, "It's only a Daisy"
 Anne's technique of knitting, crocheting, having layers of chiffon and then densely machine stitching over the layers. She then uses a heat gun and finally raises the surface with a teasel brush

The suffragette movement is a large body of work for Ann
 They didn't want the suffragettes to die in prison and become a martyr so this represents the force feeding
This bag was part of a body of work on the suffragette movement and won first prize at the Regional Day
The doll figures without features - large canvas stump work
Ann makes many books and writes poetry. Here the words are written and wrapped around the base of the bird
Books by Ann
This 3d piece caused a lot of enjoyment with it's wonderful story of the little haggis figures

Thank you Ann for a very informative and instructive talk. We would love to welcome you back for another talk and most definitely a workshop in the near future please

Ann's work can be seen on exhibition as part of 'Adhesion' with Cheryl Kirby, Jo Teague, Lesley Brankin, Penny Turnbull and Sue Sobczak
20th - 25th SEPTEMBER 2016
Weavers Gallery, Church Lane, Ledbury, HR8 1DW
10-4pm daily, free entry


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