Saturday, 30 January 2016

Kim Major-George

Our first workshop for 2016 is with Kim Major-George
 Kim shared her work with us before demonstrating
 We were shown the materials to use such as organza and our favourite, scrim
 Soluble fabric/Romeo encasing puree packaging that has been scored/patterned
 Machine embroidery of Kim's using soluble fabric and scrim
 More examples of Kim's

 We were keen to start after Kim's introduction and out came the Romeo

 Immersing the soluble fabric into a bath of cold water

Jude's pictorial piece on the left and 3 textured leaves on the right within soluble fabric
 Jude's landscape printed - above and below
Kim demonstrated the printing process with the dobbers and printing press
 Kim used masking tape before printing the background paper which had been previously dampened this morning
 Applying ink for the background, over the masking tape
 You can see the rainbow building up in the centre
 Kim's print onto the background paper being run off
 Final print
Our prints began to role off the press
 Lorraine's 3 prints

 Jude inked up an old embroidery and ran it through the press twice above and then took a 'ghost' print - below

2 prints by Clare

4 prints by Elysia (above)

2 prints from Elaine


We had a very productive day and learned a lot. Our thanks to Kim who worked tirelessly with 16 printers


More pictures to follow soon


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