Monday, 28 September 2015

Workshop Michala Gyetvai

Welcome Michala
The day began with an introduction to a little Art history of Landscape painting
 There were examples of many artists...such as the abstract landscapes of Turner and Impressionistic landscapes of Monet
 Michala demonstrated the technique of using a hand embroidery thread on a machine bobbin to give depth of texture
 We couldn't wait to start
Some of us chose to work in sketch books before embarking on the fabric work ... Mandy and Jude
Joy started to felt the fibres directly onto the piece of blanket

 Dina worked from her photograph and sketch
 Alison working on her second piece
 Pat is having fun with her Out of Africa piece
 Africa with the setting sun
Pat's African sunset

Carole's Monet
First layer of the 'cake'

Mandy chatting with Michala over Michala's new book
Debbie can be seen working from her sketch of bare trees
Denise made this stunning piece using silk and woollen fibres directly onto a piece of blanket
 Jude worked from her watercolour painting of a section in a wall - still lots to do
Joy began to embellish with hand embroidery
 Debbie also used hand embroidery to embellish her trees

Machine embroidery embellishment by Elise

Denise working on her machine embroidery embellishment

Mandy's work

Dina's work

Alison's atmospheric landscape

Carole's Monet garden

Pat's African sunset
Ruth's work

 At the end of the day we put our work in progress on display
Aren't they beautiful?











Well done ladies


dreamtshirt said...

Lovely, lovely work. I wish I could have been there with you. I feel like Cinderella missing the ball because her pumpkin had a puncture!

Di x

Clare Wassermann said...

Me too...I'm also a Cinderella - looks fabulous!