Tuesday, 16 June 2015

What If? with Jude Lovatt

One of our members, Jude Lovatt, gave a very interesting lecture that focused around the question 'What if'. She talked about her journey in arts and textiles from starting at a brand new school when she was 11 where the resources were in abundance and the fabrics had to be dyed, through to her college days then teaching experience and through to today when she gives talks and workshops to lots of other groups and still continues her passion with printing, birds and french knots! Her talk challenged us to think about how we approach our work, what we do with the excesses of fabrics we gather, how we can make use of stuff around us,  the importance of backgrounds and to never give up with a piece of work - put it away , look at it in the future and do something else with it - there are no mistakes!!!

It is important to try to take our inspiration from real life objects and make drawings 

A prize winning bird with a beautiful background
Machine embroidered Doodle Bird
A sampler that was made to enable the children learning to embroider for the first time to see what the stitch looked like. All stitches within the book Creative Embroidery by Olive Pounds

Taking and manipulating images

machine embroidery and reverse applique

 close up of this beautiful bird

This sampler shows the use of a Pizza base for printing an image for the background - this one forms a trellis pattern

If you are not confident in your drawing then take a photo and extend it out

                                 Using text on the computer                                        
Using dissolvable fabric for machine embroidery. The painted background is an example of wet on wet

The addition of tissue papers can add texture to pieces. This hand painted piece includes brown paper, tissue paper and kitchen roll before being stitched

This piece was printed using  quick print design. Very intricate or bold pieces can be made using this technique

Machine embroidery that has been enhanced with Inktense crayons and organza applique

Print made from using a piece of rubber non-slip matting, repeated for a pointillist effect

Fabulous use of tiny french knots

It is important to keep samples of what you've done as a reminder for the future

These are some more examples of Jude's lovely work

Quick print embellished entirely in hand embroidery using a limited palette

Jude's interpretation of a section of Monet's garden with a spray blown background, some painting and hand embroidery

A page from a book with samples of embellishing Jude has done with her embellisher

Hand painted background and hand embroidery with couched textured threads for the water

Another prize winning piece of work that includes baby wipes and tea bags!

At the end of the talk members were eager to take a closer look at all the work.

Many thanks Jude for an enjoyable and inspiring afternoon

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