Saturday, 9 May 2015

African Blue lecture with Magie Relph

We had a lecture this Saturday morning  from Magie Relph from the African Fabric Shop.  She gave a talk about Indigo the King of colour. She showed us pictures from her trips to various countries in Africa such as Ghana, Mali the Gambia.and lots of fabrics created by different processes.
Magie started by showing us an old worn and faded piece of indigo dyed cloth 

And then compared it to a newer darker piece

Magie's efforts at tieing the cloth caused great hilarity

The natural indigo is pounded and placed in vats with potash

fabric is tied and prepared for dyeing

Cola nuts are crushed to produce an orange dye that works well with indigo

An Indigo tree growing in Magie's garden

 Magie then showed us lots of fabric some of which was stitch prior to dyeing others tied and some using resists and discharges

The fabric is stitched from the back

Fabric is made in thin strips and then sewn together

Cloth produced using starch resist portraying images from the village.

cloth woven with indigo and white fabric

An outfit for a boy made up of strips

Batki approach to creating fabric

Cloth painted with indigo and white areas discharged

A tray of balls of indigo dye .


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