Sunday, 22 February 2015

Nicki Williams - Mixed Media Artist

Today we welcomed back, Nicki Williams, a mixed media Artist
We were shown an array of wonderful papers and embroideries; here are two examples - more to follow later on

Dina and Carol getting ready for the making of the painted, textured papers
Here we are the calm before the storm...
Two more pieces of Nicki's work - on the left is a piece trapping some Honesty on a printed paper bag that has been worked into with ink and bleach
On the right are papers that have been stitched into by machine making a lovely greetings card

Using hand made papers/textured papers/sketch books
We then learnt about trapping using holt melted wax. this sample is one of Nicki's

Jude's painted papers and sketch book 
Maggie at the wax pot
As you can see every table was a busy working space
Lillian and Carol sharing results at the wax pot
Today we welcomed Katie our sponsored student, to her first workshop
Cheryl and Louise
Margaret surrounded by a morning's work and having a moment's 'time out'
Maggie deciding which piece for the next process
Dina is covering her painted page with Quink, before adding bleach
Katie using torn pieces from her painted papers to collage before waxing 
Joy was first to stitch through her waxed papers. The papers held steadfast and the wax added stability to the whole piece
Debbie worked in a lovely colour scheme today with acid greens and deep reds; a winning combination
Clare's work in progress
A snapshot of a work in progress of Nicki's - beneath the sewing needle of the machine
More of Nicki's work



Lillian and Jean using a twig to add bleach
over painted papers covered in Quink ink

 Today has been a very productive one. The majority of us made a lot of waxed papers containing trapped papers, threads, lace and organza. Pat, Elaine and Joy managed to machine stitch with great results. I cannot wait to see the finished results. Here are some of the pieces produced today with paper, acrylic paint, drawing inks, tissue paper, bleach, Quink ink and heated wax














Well done ladies for a successful relaxing Artistic day. Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. Most importantly, our thanks to Nicki for imparting her expertise and making the day so rewarding



jude26 said...

Such fun :) x

rutht said...

Looks like a brilliant day. Very impressed with the outcomes.