Thursday, 18 September 2014

Looking Through Exhibition at the Red House Glass Cone

Thought you would like to share in our day of "putting up the exhibition at the Red House Glass Cone"
 Members came and dropped off their work during the morning
 Our team of committee members and "co-opted" committee members, worked very hard

Denise and Carole make light of
attaching any missing glass plates
 Work was grouped in themes and/or colourways, propped against the walls
Work had to be unpacked and organised for the many cabinets
Everyone found a job soon enough as there was such a lot to do. We all played to our individual strengths - marvellous!
 More sub-committee work - tricky one to hang Yvonne
 Connect in Threads "Multi-Coloured Swop-shop" looking great
 Claire's Quilt
 Margaret's pages of a Journal - board 1 of 2
 Not what you might think!! - A 3D cage to hang work on and display work within
 Alison  and Maggie admiring Margaret's journal
 The walls started to fill
 A hive of industry
Yvonne ready to hang the lovely group of mirrors which are presently on the table
 Una and Jude's pieces on the outside of the cage and pages of Ruth's journal inside the cage
 Our thanks to Mike Flavell and Barry who worked so hard for us
 Even down to the sweeping!!
 So proud of a job well done!!
 Then it came to hanging the bunting from the ceiling
 Jean's lutrador piece in the cabinet
Martha's 3D piece 
Another cabinet with more work from Louise, Lillian and Elaine
 Janet's winning piece and Una's bowl

 This looks nice but it later changes due to the late arrival of Louise Bloomer, and it becomes our twinkling corner
Louise's Kaleidoscope went beautifully with the stained glass
 These 3 complimented one another - by Gill and Joy
 Jude's Pink Bubbles print and hand embroidery
 It was very difficult to photograph glazed work without getting reflections - apologies to all concerned. Here is a piece by Louise Henley and 4 by Margaret Guy
Another glazed and difficult to see, is Jude's "Looking Through a Child's Eyes" to see the fairies in the woods
 Pat Withers hanging quilt can be seen as soon as you enter the exhibition
 The next 3 pieces are Diana's

 We have a lovely "white wall" - here are Margaret Biggs and Mary's pieces
Yvonne's in a Perspex frame
 Janet Connock's 3D work in a cabinet
 Elaine's - small and beautiful as we expect
 Margaret's work using light sensitive printing techniques
 Margaret Biggs
 Debbie Rosser's felt work - our chosen piece of work to advertise the exhibition on our flyers
 Bunting is up and the exhibition is really taking shape
 Bunting part 2
 Clare's Quilt and our collection to celebrate our Pearl Anniversary, in display books
 A view of Ruth's Journal pages from outside of the cage
 Close-up of Una's work
 Close-up of Margaret McQuillen's cover for her journal pages
 "La Fleuriste"
 Wolverhampton Postcards
 Two lovely pieces by Maggie

 Close-up of Ruth's window twinkling away in all its glory
 Shirley's Church Window
Debbie's applique piece
Margaret Biggs

Louise Bloomer Looking Through a Kaleidoscope, which began at the Member's workshop 
This is just a taster of our exhibition which I hope has inspired and encouraged you to want to see more. It opens on Saturday 20th September. Take a friend and remember to sign the visitor's book.
Well done to everyone who helped put up the exhibition and put up with my grumpy disposition - normal service will be resumed as soon as possible!
Well done to everyone who entered work for the exhibition; it is stunning and promises to be our most successful one to date.






rutht said...

Brilliant photographs. really good collection given your 'grumpiness!

SENCO Cat Herder said...

I visited your wonderful exhibition on Sunday and it was breathtakingly beautiful - finishing touches were still being made as the pieces seemed to come to life in certain parts of the room I was told. I would love to return and take some photographs if that is permissible. I am going to publicise your exhibition in the Wordless Wednesday linky I am part of so hopefully others get to know about your talent across the world. Thank you so much for taking the time to mount such an exhibition - it lit up my day :-)
Special Teaching at Pempi's Palace

jude26 said...

Sorry Ruth :)
Thank you for your lovely comment Senco Cat Herder. Please get in touch if you would like any further information

rutht said...

Thank you senCo cat herder. You are welcome to take photos.