Monday, 16 June 2014

Jenny O'Leary

Today we welcomed Jenny O'Leary
Silk painting
Jenny works with a number of textile techniques in combination  like these tissue paper on paper and then onto canvas- batik on tissue pieces
This piece was originally a black sheet of tissue paper before bleaching

Or tissue paper with wax and then with stitch
We were very interested in the tissue paper with bleach work, adding wax and ink and then mounting onto canvas which is what we are hoping to produce in the workshop in two weeks time

Jenny paints the light tones, adds wax, paints the medium tones, leaving on the wax and so on, until finally removing the wax with kitchen paper and an iron. It is a process of layering and Jenny has several pieces on the go at the same time to allow for drying in between the different stages
Jenny also works tissue paper on tissue paper where no cartridge paper is used for a backing. These beautiful large pieces are then machine embroidered
Landscape on canvas using bleached tissue paper and ink
The poppy heads with stems printed by strips of card. The tissue paper is coloured and then often painted over with drawing ink. The tissue paper is drawn onto in the first instance with chalk. Tools for drawing include forks, combs and cake cutters
Hangings and tie-dye on silk are further courses Jenny offers

Buttons are used for the tie-dye
Needle-felting is also a course run by Jenny. 
 She also offers silk painting with nuno felting, reverse appliqué using fabric & paper
The small canvasses are removed from the frame for machine embroidery work. 
 This is an example of a lovely tie-dye cotton bag dyed with silk paints
We now eagerly await the day-school with Jenny on the 28th June

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