Thursday, 27 March 2014

June Parkinson Workshop

 June began the day by re-capping her lecture and preparing us for the different possible outcomes. The aim is to create a vibrant piece of work using lurex thread and crochet cotton on lutrador, distressing with acrylics and a heat gun.
 June had lots of samples and finished pieces to examine
 Here is June's work stretched onto a frame showing the work before painting.
Perl√© technique of using crochet thread in the bobbin and having the bobbin thread as the top stitch
It is possible to make tea light holders using this technique with Lutrador

Applique flowers or leaves on the container - here it is before assembling
 The room was heaving with activity
 Never before had we managed 22 members on sewing machines
However, after a hectic start, we did manage it very well
 Dina being a rebel and painting her canvas - upturned
June demonstrated the use of the heat gun on the lutrador
You can see the glitz below June's canvas - this shines through the lutrador embroidery from beneath. You can use beads, fabrics or as in June's case, shiny sweet papers
 Jude's work in the foreground showing it is quite labour intensive on a piece this large
 Such fun...!!

 Janet using the heat gun
 More proof of the busy nature of the room
Working on the underneath/backing for the lutrador, to shine through

 Working on the 'landing' we set up the painting table
 The lutrador was painted with pearlised acrylic paint
Colours were blended and merged - Elaine is working on a tea light piece
 Here are some images of June's work with close-ups

Finally we have 2 members pieces at the end of the day
 Dina managed to complete her work - all hand stitched!
 Janet manipulated her lutrador and didn't paint it.
This is the beauty of our ladies - we learn a skill but develop it individually to suit our needs.
At 10.00am we were unsure we could pull it off with 22 in the room - well done ladies, another triumph! 



Clare Wassermann said...

yay we are beautiful ladies! We were quite well behaved as well considering the potential for naughtiness with so many of us!

Lorraine said...

Claire our end of the room was well behaved but I can't say about the other end..........
Great day was had by all!
We have just got to finish it!

rutht said...
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rutht said...

Mine's finished cos I was well behaved!!!

Lorraine said...

Claire, there's always one! Xx