Sunday, 9 February 2014

Jan Bevan talk

Saturday 8th February saw a large group of us meet to look at the journal art quilts of Jan Bevan.

 Jan belongs to a contemporary quilt group. The group are given remits on a yearly basis to produce quilts on specific topics and or specific sizes and shapes. They are expected to produce one piece a month throughout the year. Jan had brought the quilts with her to show us and was able to talk about them individually via the projector. Many of the quilts were very personal, reflecting events in Jan's life such as her daughter's wedding, holidays, weather etc. All used a variety of methods and techniques.

Many of us found this  inspiring as these pieces are small and manageable to do and had the  potential to be incorporated in items such as bags, cushions, quilts or book covers but many were mini masterpieces waiting to be framed.

Inspired by a Christmas card

Pieces from the Circles and the Words projects. The black and white circle piece Jan has used spray bleach to discharge the black fabric and the flower foot on her machine.

Two quilts bottom left inspired by her daughter's wedding dress

Quilts made during the year when red,blue and yellow were the criteria

Using the computer to manipulate the photo and  print on fabric a weather map and incredible bare trees. They were then stitched into - sometimes by hand and sometimes by machine

The yellow period

Jan answering questions. Great afternoon. Thank you.

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