Monday, 16 September 2013

September - Ceramic Patchwork

Zoe inspired us today with her constructional textiles.
Inspired by her travels abroad, Zoe has discovered a unique way of working with ceramic vases from charity shops

Zoe has collaborated with the British Museum and digitally produced a ceramic collection, in fabric.
The process entails breaking a vase and then covering each piece of ceramic, with a stretched silk printed fabric, and then stitching the fabric in place. The process is very time consuming but Zoe has perfected it - it is part of the intrigue; is it ceramic? Is it fabric?


Sometimes a gap is left which adds to the authenticity. There have been times when the pieces, when broken, were too small or shattered beyond use.
Most recently, Zoe's ''Inter Lace'' project involves scanning historical lace in blue and white ceramics - at Devon Guild of Craftsmen.
Zoe uses Gutterman polyester machine thread to lace her silk to the ceramic pieces

Former work of Zoe's

You can see further work by Zoe - presently at New Brewery Arts in Cirencester and Shire Hall in Stafford or look on her website to be inspired:-

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