Sunday, 30 June 2013

Didn't we have a lovely time the day we went to Styal!

Saturday saw the sun shining and a group of us going on an outing to Styal mill near Manchester. Styal is an old cotton mill still containing working machinery and set in beautiful grounds. .
Una organised the trip and along came Lillian,Margaret,Jean, Lorraine, Kay,Pat,Ruth Heather Hazel, Janet, Martha and Carole.
Following a cup of coffee and a loo we all set off around the old mill. It was wonderful to see the original methods demonstrated using spinning wheels, flying shuttle looms and spinning jennys through to the mechanised carders,  spinning and weaving methods of more present time. We could look at the journey from human power through water power and then to steam as a way to manufacture the cotton.
We learnt about life in a mill and the facilities built for the workers by Samual Gregg.

After lunch some of us went to the gardens and some to the Apprentice house. After an icecream and a bit of retail therapy (some a bit more than others ! you know who you are ) we set off for home.
A lovely time was had by all.

Oh happy band of pilgrims!

Put it away Janet you dont know where it has been!

What on earth has surprised you two??

'And it was this big'

Privyman or Chairman!

I can remember spitting out bowls like this . Can you?

Heather reckons this looks like my workroom

Can you guess what it says?

Una and hazel contemplating their lunch

Lunch alfresco

I found a fairy at the bottom of the garden

Lorraine and kay amongst the blooms

Una and hazel having a knee bend!

What a whopper!

fairy castles!

Lillian,Jean,Margaret and Janet

And again Janet!

Carole just sums the day up

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jude26 said...

Loving the garden shots - especially the fairy at the bottom of the garden :)