Monday, 13 May 2013

To Bead or not to bead

Saturday 11th May saw the arrival of Eliza Mc Clelland to the branch to give a 'lecture' I say a lecture it was more like a theatrical performance. She gave a brilliant animated talk on her work as a bead artist. It was her work in the theatre that led her to needing a hobby during the day between shows. Also her inspiration that came from the many places where she performed that she wandered around and saw during the day like churches and museums. And the left overs in the wardrobe department rag bag which produced this wonderful quilt . Incorporated in this memory quilt is fabric from a costume Anna Neagle wore,  Lady Macbeths dress , bits of 'Joseph's coat and many more.
No dozing off - brilliant afternoon.

many more.

A beaded peter pan collar inspired by the animal around the statue of Peter Pan in Kensington gardens

An 'Andy Warhol'Cushion

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