Sunday, 14 April 2013

Hope House Costume Lecture

April 13th 2013

Hope House Costume Museum is located about half a mile outside of the village Alstonefield, just north of Dovedale A515. It is the realisation of a dream and today we met the lady behind the reality of the dream.
Notty Hornblower, ably assisted by her lovely model, a  fashion student.
Here is a selection of the lecture activity. 
Edwardian Lady day wear

Pure woollen outfit with wonderful detail

Notty had wonderful detailed stories to tell for all the outfits, the hats and the accessories

Beachwear which would have been very heavy to wear if it ever became wet

This beautiful crepe dress has wonderful detail - even under the arms - accompanied by a feather fan which, as we learned, was a means of communication to the opposite sex

No outfit is complete without a handbag

Examples of beautiful delicate woven purses

 The Wedding Dress

 Beautiful lace veil
 We were very lucky to be able to get close up views of all the dresses, and examine the craftsmanship and every detail
We were in total admiration as you can see from Gwyneth
 The Ball gown was exquisite

Beautiful detail on the shoulder of the ball gown

At the end of the fashion show we were able to examine the lovely display including all of the hats that Notty had been wearing throughout her talk

 Detail of an iridescent feather on the side of a hat

Close up of a beautiful lace blouse

For more information you can visit the website
or you can email Notty -

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