Thursday, 19 July 2012

Members Dyeing day

Saturday 14th July saw a group of members getting together to have a 'dyeing' day. Given the state of the weather it was not the best of days but we managed. On a previous day materials were stitched and tied in preparation for some indigo dyeing. The morning was spent Indigo dyeing run by Sharon and Una and the afternoon was organised by Margaret when we procion dyed fabrics using trays, jam jars and paint brushes.
It was a lovely social day and we all got some lovely results and masses of fabrics and threads to add to our stashes

fabric prepared for indigo dying

wax resist in preparation for dying

Threads ready for dying

health and safety - Una preparing the dye bath with Margaret and Janet C hiding or pretending to be a lampshade!

Sharon and Una supervising the indigo dying

Sharon with the green fabric before it miraculously turns blue

Procian Dyes ready for the afternoon

Lillian decides that she would rather paint her shirt!!

lovely afternoon painting fabrics

Obviously someone is misbehaving !!!!

Fabulous fabrics from here on

This is was you have to do if you paint your shirt!

Claire's results drying!

Beautiful - the joy of dyeing your own fabric.


Clare Wassermann said...

Ahhh what a great the comments!

jude26 said...

Great to see what you get up to :)