Monday, 19 March 2012

Kantha Workshop

A Kantha workshop was held at Wolverhampton Art Gallery on Saturday 17th March. Ten ladies attended but the interest was such that there was a waiting list and a second Kantha workshop may run so that disappointment is avoided
Elephants were the theme of the day
worked in Kantha stitch
The beauty of hand embroidery is that it leaves
you free to have a good chat at the same time!
Kantha work is suitable for left and right-
handed embroiderers
Sharon and Jude taught the workshop
and Lillian was our 'right-hand woman.'

Every elephant had its own little character.
They were worked in various colourschemes with slightly varying stitches. Threaded running stitch makes a very pretty border and the colour choice is lovely and pastel
Ladies worked their own designs for the saddles and proved to be very creative and most effective

Strong colour choice and a lovely paisley saddle design

The time went very quickly and the results speak for themselves. Well done ladies!!



rutht said...

Looks like a lovely relaxing day!

jude26 said...

It was relaxing for everyone and so much work was accomplished. 4 hours was just right to finish each panel. Put together they would make a lovely quilt which gave the ladies food for thought.