Saturday, 10 March 2012

Gwen Farrer Lecture

Another enjoyable meeting was had by all this afternoon. Gwen had given us a lecture about her hat making last year and returned today to talk about marbling and painting on fabric. She invited people to come up to have a go at marbling . Our efforts are shown below.

Gwen Farrer is a milliner but in practice she
loves to experiment with many other
techniques. She loves to 'play' with fabric, thread and dyes

Shirley with Marbling inks

Marbling on Silk - 4 lengths of silk show our group efforts

Floral bags - Gwen Farrer
Felt flowers made from circles of felt, folded then grouped
Gwen uses wonderful and colourful fabrics

Marbling on paper and silk

A reminder of Gwen's fabulous hats for every occasion

Hats by Gwen Farrer


Clare Wassermann said...

It was a fun afternoon - more fun filled afternoons needed in all our lives!!!

jude26 said...

Great to have a hands-on lecture for a refreshing change