Saturday, 25 February 2012

Ineke Berlyn Workshop Saturday 25th February

A brilliant day was had by all today. We made bags from old jeans. We used thermofax screens to print the bags . Some beautiful bags were produced.
Here are some photos of our day.

Ineke (left) helping throughout the day

Screen printed recycled denim jeans, make very professional and strong bags

Thermofax screen to print text - here is Bob Marley text and little birds on a pocket

Ironing to fix the fabric paint before quilting

The fun of quilting

Beautiful words of love overprinted with little birds

Quilted and awaiting handles

Use of different shades of denim and making the most of frayed edges
Pockets from jeans make great external pockets

Wild woman lining!

Selection of almost finished bags


jude26 said...

If we look as if we are having too much fun, it's because we are! Screen printing, machine quilting and great company - couldn't ask for more.

Clare Wassermann said...

It looks fabulous. I'm looking forward to seeing the results in person